March - Jimi Hendrix Experience Merryweather Post Pavillon 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
This just may be the best Hendrix concert poster ever produced in my opinion. Dail Beeghly designed another similar poster for the Atlanta performance, and while almost just as good, this one gives more emphasis on Jimi and The Experience with larger image and flaming hair - now how about that for an exiting image!

Jimi was destined to become the best guitarist ever to be known on the rock scene and still retains that status today. While he branched off from The Experience a short time after this performance, his best work in my opinion was by far when he played with Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell as The Jimi Hendrix Experience! Listening to those albums today is still a treat and just as exciting to the hears as when they were released!
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