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The hunt continues, but I must say I think I may have enough posters by now, so this may be the last year for posting a New Poster of the Month. However one thing I have learned over the many years of collecting, is there is always a really great poster just found the corner - so who knows it may continue to 2020!

January - The Beatles - Big Beat Poster, England 1962

February - Big Ma Ma Thornton and The Grateful Dead 1967

March - Jimi Hendrix Experience Merryweather Post Pavillon 1968

April - James Brown and the Brownies 1961

May - Jimi Hendrix Experience Washington Hilton 1967

June - The Rolling Stones 1965 Birmingham England

July - Janis Joplin 1968 Ann Arbor Michigan

August - Ray Charles 1961 Zebra Lounge, South Los Angeles

September - Elvis Presley 1957 Seattle, Washington

October - Led Zeppelin 1973 Old Refectory

November - Buddy Holly Teenage Record Tour 1958

December - Beatles 1962 Scarborough
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