April - James Brown and the Brownies 1961 [ Back to Gallery ]
Sometimes the word “King” is overused, but when it comes to “The King of Soul”, I am not sure anyone can argue against James Brown being the recognized artist deserving of that title! Otis comes a very close second, but James was a one of a kind soul performer and certainly deserves the title in my opinion and I am a very great lover of Otis. And if one poster was selected as the best of the James Brown posters, this is certainly this one – a wonderfully large cardboard colored “Globe” of Baltimore.

James used concert posters perhaps more than any other music artist in 50’s and 60’s to advertise and bring in the crowds to his shows and they worked effectively by displaying all the excitement one would expect from attending. This particular poster has it all, with a pic of James in his famous singing style, The Flames as the back-up and how about those “Brownies”? It is a bit humorous, but today I suspect there would be certain watchdog groups of politically correct use of words designating race that would likely object to the use of “Brownies” to describe the dancers! None the less, you can help but wish for those good old days where the objective was to communicate fun and excitement to attending such a performance.

A classic piece of history and museum worthy of a very special artist and time, not to mention graphic art at its BEST!
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