Chuck Berry 1955; First Use of Rock & Roll! [ Back to Gallery ]
Perhaps one of the more, if not most, important posters in R&R. To my knowledge, the first dance/concert poster to use the term "Rock & Roll" on it! And how about this for a story on Chuck Berry as written in "Rock and Roll Generation": In 1955 a handsome 29-year-old St. Louis hairdresser and part-time blues guitarist made one last stab at stardom. Chuck Berry, who already had been turned down by three record companies, made a crude demonstration tape and sent it to Chess Records, a small Chicago rhythm and blues label. This time one song practically leaped from the tape. Berry had taken the country tune "Ida Red," grafted onto it what he called his "boogie beat," and enlivened the whole with sly lyrics and scorching guitar riffs. Chess released the piece as a single entitled "Maybellene" - supposedly the name of a cow in Berry's old third-grade reader. Its story of girls and fast cars appealed directly to teenagers and the legend was born. One of the earliest known posters of Chuck Berry and his first poster with the hit "Maybellene" listed. WOW, what a poster!
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