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What a fun time the fifties and early sixties were! It was a time of cultural innocence, of youth growing up and being influenced by puppy-love, cars and rock & roll. Music for the first time began to merge from the black cultural rhythm and blues to the young white culture with that "big beat" and soon performers such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and a host of others were singing to white audiences with great success. But let's not also forget to mention Elvis, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others that brought rock & roll to the forefront. Some of the best posters of all time were produced during this period. Here are some of my favorites.

Allan Freed Big Beat Poster of 1958

Chuck Berry 1955; First Use of Rock & Roll!

Show of Stars 1957

Muddy Waters  1954

Hank Williams and his Drifting Cowboys - 1947 - 1948

Hank Williams last concert poster - January 1, 1953

Elvis Presley concert poster for the Grand Ole Opry - 1955

Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee - 1955

BB King and Albert King 1958

Little Richard - 1957

Gene Vincent - 1958

Jerry Lee Lewis - 1958

Chuck Berry concert poster 1959

Little Richard and a host of others 1957

Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Hank Ballard, The Pips - 1959

Show of Stars 56

Bill Haley and the Comets 1955 & Elvis Presley!

Hank Snow /Elvis Presley 1955

Elvis Get Together 1958

Buddy Holly Tour - England 1958

Jerry Lee Lewis - 1957

Link Ray and the Ray Men! 1958

Johnny Cash - 1959

Johnny Cash - 1961

Carl Perkins 1956

Bobby Darin 1959

Lowell Fulsom 1953

Ray Charles and The Raelets 1962

Marvin Gaye - Motortown Revue - 1965

Hank Ballard and the Midnighters 1961

Otis Redding - Cardboard Concert Poster - 1967

Fats Domino 1962

Record Stars of 1964

James Brown 1965

The Temptations at the Fillmore 1966

Ike and Tina Turner at the Fillmore 1966

Ike and Tina at the Both And Club 1968

Biggest Show of Stars 1961

Biggest Show of Stars for 1960

Bobby Blue Bland - The Soul Brothers

Fillmore Auditorium - Appeals II

The Grateful Dead, formerly the Warlocks

Grateful Dead at the Greek Theater 1967

Woodstock - Cardboard Boxing Style 1969
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