Hank Williams last concert poster - January 1, 1953 [ Back to Gallery ]
One of the more important concert posters of all time. Unfortunately Hank did not make it to this concert - he died in the back seat of a cadillac at the young age of 29 while being driven to Canton. A bit of a mystery surrounds his death, but it looks like the consensus is an overdose of pain killers perscribed by a Doctor who really wasn't a Doctor at all. Over 20,000 people attended Hank's passing away at the services held and included the best musicians at the time and movie celebrities and top political office holders. Seems everyone loved Hank and was more than shocked at his untimely death. While most people would put Hank into the country western arena, ttruth is Hank was a significant influence in development of other areas of music such as bluegrass, blues, rockabilly and of course rock n' roll. Listening to Hank's old songs today is more than a joy and such performers as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Johnny Cash and others consider Hank to be one of the most important music artist ever to have lived. This poster has been shown in many musuem exhibts and tours of Rock n' Roll.
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