Show of Stars 56 [ Back to Gallery ]
Not absolutely sure on this poster. Most Show of Stars posters were printed on cardboard, however some, especially large 3 sheet formats were printed on paper similar to movie posters. This particular poster is the exact size of a standard movie poster which would be a 1 sheet format. Typically the venue and date on the 3 sheet versions were printed either on a separate sheet or was printed directly on the body of the poster. The way this is printed however is more like a handbill which could mean someone reproduced it from a handbill. One problem with that theory however is the quality of the pictures and printing are excellent which would say it is an original. A handbill could not be blown-up to that size without a significant loss of quality. In addition, the handbills from 56 that I have seen, show the venue and date at the top rather than the bottom. My guess, is they had some large size one-sheet posters printed-up in addition to the standard posters and handbills. So for now, I'm calling it an original. If anyone has more information on this poster, please let me know.
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