April - Otis Redding at the Fillmore Auditorium 1967 [ Back to Gallery ]
Opps! Made a mistake on the original description/date of this poster - Otis did perform for the show as it was held prior to his death. I apologize if you read the original posting - as one might say "old age is the last frontier" and I believe I'm starting to find that out - regardless, the following corrects the original posting.


If I had to choose only one concert poster to keep from all of the Fillmore Auditorium concert posters ever produced, this would likely be the one I would pick. A beautiful Tilghman Press boxing style poster that sets the tone for one of the greatest soul artist of all time.

What a tragedy Otis’s career was so short. While black audiences were the first to recognize his talent, Monterey Pop is where the world was introduced to one of the best soul singers of all time. If there was one artist that competes with James Brown as the King of Soul, it is likely Otis Redding – a different style and personality, but a performer of the highest degree that ranks at the top with all the great rock-n-roll roll, rhythm and blues and soul artists..

Boxing style alternative posters in the BG series are extremely rare as they were produced in small numbers, hung up for advertising or display in the black sections of San Francisco around the Fillmore, then torn down and thrown away right after the date of the performance. This was quite different compared to the psychedelic posters that were now being printed in large quantities and handed out to the young crowds that were now attending dances at the Fillmore and Avalon ballrooms.

While it is hard to determine, this just might be the only boxing style poster that survived Otis’s performance at the Fillmore that evening and to me, is likely the best Otis Redding poster ever made. Something about that look and smile of Otis in this poster resonates the kind of person he was – not only a person you would love to see perform in person, but also a person you would love to talk with and get to know. A priceless treasure found and now added to the Vintage Concert Posters Collection.
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