May - Buffalo Springfield - University of Irvine 1967 [ Back to Gallery ]
Here is a poster you do not see everyday! In fact, this is the only one I’ve ever ran into and what a great early Buffalo Springfield poster it is – University of California Irvine, Campus Hall in early 1967. Buffalo Springfield were at their best during this time starting to get hit singles like, “For What It’s Worth” (which became the political anthem of the Sixties) not to mention also having one of the best albums ever released during this time in my opinion. Strangely, the group while popular, was not riding to the top with many of the other great start-up bands during this period, which is difficult to understand as they had some of the best song writers (Stills and Young) and musicians of any group during that time.

Unfortunately internal disagreements and strife were taking hold of the band and in just a few short months at the one of the most iconic rock festivals of all time “Monterey Pop”, Neil Young would not show up to play with the group. David Crosby filled in for him at the last minute, but needless to say the performance lacked the groups initial energy and was soon to be short-lived as the original organized band.

None-the-less, their importance lives on and it was nice to see most all of the original members reunite a few years ago as they did a short tour and once again performed some of the best songs of the Sixties.

This poster came from a person who attended the show and kept it for over 40 years until acquired by the Vintage Concert Poster collection. I love the graphics and design and what better centerpiece for the poster than a Bison - oh yea, they call that a Buffalo! A really great and important addition to the Vintage Concert Poster Collection.
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