July - William Burroughs image - Vulcan Gas Company 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
Now here is an ultra cool poster you will not see everyday! A beautiful hand-pulled silk screen poster created for the Vulcan Gas Company in 1968 by Jim Franklin. If you have followed some of my prior posts you will know I consider many of the VGC posters to be among the best of the Sixties which is a bit unusual as one would not think of Texas as being a hotbed of psychedelic art or music.

Nevertheless, one band, that many consider the first true psychedelic bands to emerge in the Sixties were “The 13th Floor Elevators” from Austin - listening to their music today, it is rather obvious they were certainly not C&W influenced! Also, Chet Helms who took over “The Family Dog”, created the Avalon Ballroom venue and brought Janis Joplin to San Francisco from Texas to join Big Brother & The Holding Company were both Texans.

The colors and cosmetics of this poster are truly magnificent when seen in person. To my understanding there were 4 different color versions of the handbill, but only one color version of the poster. Being such a rare poster, I have only seen two of these posters in all my years of collecting - this one and another which is in a complete set of the VGC posters.

The poster features the band “Bubble Puppy” a Texas psychedelic band that scored a hit in 69’ with their song "Hot Smoke & Sassafras". The best thing about this poster however is the standout image of William Burroughs, an icon of the true Beat Generation often termed "Hipsters" that were much of the basis of the cultural revolution that followed into the Sixties.

Posters just don’t get much better than this one for display and finding one today is almost impossible!
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