August - The Beatles at Shea Stadium 1966! [ Back to Gallery ]
What’s fun about collecting vintage concert posters is you never know what is going to show up. Such is the case for this month’s poster, which is a poster that has never been seen before for The Beatles performance at Shea Stadium in New York, August 23, 1966 at 7:30 pm. While not a poster used to sell concert tickets, to me this particular poster is almost as fun and perhaps more exciting than the actual Murray concert poster used to advertise and sell tickets. Saved by a girl who was headed to board the bus from NYC to Shea Stadium to see the Beatles, she spotted this poster, grabbed it, folded it in quarters to keep it hidden from the Bus operator and personnel and saved it for almost 50 years before becoming an important piece of Beatles History in the Vintage Concert Poster Collection. Just looking at it brings that same excitement (or somewhat close at least) of what it was like to be able to attend a Beatles concert.

While The Beatles performance in 1965 is certainly one of the most famous concerts of this decade, their return performance in 1966 was still Beatlemania for Beatle fans, What had changed however was the group’s maturity from pop to richer, more meaningful musical compositions which will likely never be matched by any other rock or pop group in the history of music. While the combination of Lennon and McCartney was at the forefront of their songs, George and Ringo were also making their own musical contributions to both song writing and the everlasting unique sound of The Beatles – the creation of a “perfect storm” one might say.

The 1966 tour ended with The Beatles playing at Candlestick Park in San Francisco and while not planned, Candlestick turned out to be the last of live Beatles concerts as the group was tired of touring and choose to concentrate their talents on the creative side of studio recordings and song writing. This included in just a few short months the development and release of Stg Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band – today recognized as perhaps the best album ever recorded.

While the poster is simple, sometimes “simple” is the best in design and communication and this one has it! The poster is jumbo sized – just a bit over the standard 22 x 28 standard for such posters and the deep red color and light beige aging gives it that classic feeling – a unique and special combination piece for the Murray Beatles poster of 1966, which one also resides in the Vintage Concert Poster Collection.
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