October - Jimi Hendrix Electric Factory concert poster 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
A very rare and beautiful concert poster for Jimi Hendrix’s performance at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 21st and 22nd 1968. As you might be able to tell – Iimi Hendrix was not only one of my favorite performers of the 60’s, but many of his concert posters are also the best poster art produced for any rock group or performer during that period. Perhaps it had something to do with Jimi’s electrifying image or his wild and artistic guitar playing, but for whatever reason a Sixties Jimi Hendrix concert poster is likely to be a treasure of art and excitement.

This particular poster is extremely rare as it was printed on very thin paper and used to paste on billboards, so getting one off a wall was not only extremely difficult but almost impossible without ripping it apart. The art on this poster is extremely detailed with a collage of detailed gears making up the image of Jimi Hendrix and the Experience. The subtle rainbow fountain printing is the perfect color for such an artistic design and the completed poster with the Electric Factory venue could not be better. Certainly is one of the best Jimi Hendrix posters of the Sixties in my opinion.

Needless to say the Jimi Hendrix Experience was a perfect combination of musicians that produced some of the most timeless and remembered music of the Sixties generation. Just by looking at the poster it brings back the excitement of that era!
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