August – Houston’s Love Street Grand Opening Poster 1967 [ Back to Gallery ]
While San Francisco blossomed during 1966 as the center of the counter-culture through the use of drugs for self-discovery, art and music that same counter-culture was now spreading throughout the America and the world in 1967. Strangely enough, Texas, in what most would consider a conservative, western, cowboy state was to become a hot-bed of psychedelic art and music.

Venues such as The Vulcan Gas Company in Austin, Panther Hall in Dallas and Love Street in Houston were now producing some of the most beautiful art of this psychedelic period. What was interesting with Texas posters is for the most part, they were much larger than the standard 14x20 inch standard posters being produced for the Fillmore, Avalon and other venues and as Texan’s would say “everything is larger in Texas”.

This beautiful and striking poster was the poster for the Grand Opening of Love Street in Houston. The colors are vibrant in dayglow colors of orange, pink, green and purple – I don’t even think SF had come up with this color combination yet! Also, check out the descriptions on the poster – “Float Down 3D Environment”, “Lights and Sound Explosion for the Love Generation” and great groups such as: The Zonk Outs, The Happenings, Love Ins and to top things off – “Go-Go Dancers” – well in my opinion that just about covers everything for a evening of fun and excitement!

Maybe Texas did not produce the most famous music groups during this period, however there is no denying that it did produce some of the best psychedelic art. A terrific psychedelic poster, and a great addition to the Vintage Concert Posters collection for this fascinating time.
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