September - The Doors at the Washington Hilton Hotel 1967 [ Back to Gallery ]
Wow, what an incredible Vintage Doors Concert Poster! There are some standout Doors posters, but this is certainly one of the best and most difficult to find for a collection. Everything about this poster is eye-catching, the artwork, the colors and composition puts one right into the mood to see a live performance of the Doors!

The poster was done by Dail Beeghly who also did some of the best concert posters of the entire Sixties for Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Big Bother and the Holding Company, Spirt and other bands as they toured the East. One thing about Dail’s posters is the unique style he used in capturing the band members – sort of an LSD dream, which just goes to show how variations of art and reality can have a dramatic impact on ones senses.

As many of you may know, the Doors are one of my all-time favorite bands of the entire Sixties, their music is timeless and sadly with only 2 surviving members left from the original group it is certain their music will never be played live like it was in the Sixties. Times change, but there was that magic period where the Doors were performing that had an impact on all of us – such as the first time you may have heard “Light My Fire”.

A real treasure to add to the Vintage Concert Poster collection!
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