December - Bob Dylan Concert 1965 Rutgers University [ Back to Gallery ]
We finish off the year with a very rare and previously unknown early Bob Dylan vintage concert poster. Bob Dylan early 1965 at the height of his folk music phase with songs protesting the wrongs of war and civil right injustice. The location of Brunswick, New Jersey being just a short distance from his now hometown of Greenwich Village in NYC.

Now while the design is simple, in fact you may not be able to make a poster more direct with all the information you need to know for attending: “Bob Dylan Concert” Rutgers Gymnasium, February 10, 1965 at 8 pm, along with ticket prices and where to get them and after all that is what these posters were really meant to do at the time.

What I like about this poster is the design, while simple as discussed above, it is artistically extremely well done in a “less is more” fashion. Like Frank Lloyd Wright, in his simple straight line designs, they were very effective and pleasing to the eye – just like this poster. However the best thing I like about this poster is the tie-in with the sponser - Students for Support of Community Action Projects – what better to represent what many of us consider Bob Dylan’s songs motivating a call to action for change? Surprisingly while Bob's songs were the focus of the early protest movements of the 60's, there are very few posters with this tie-in to the groups that really spurred action for that change to occur.

And finally, the Bob Dylan we knew as the shinning star of folk music was quickly about to change with his upcoming appearance at the Newport Folk Festival only a few months away. There he would shock the folk world by going electric with what I consider the best rock and roll song ever written "Like a Rolling Stone" - his transition from folk to rock would forever change rock and roll as we prevously knew it.

A highly important Vintage Concert Poster in the life of Bob Dylan.
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