January - Rolling Stones 1964 Milwaukee Auditorium [ Back to Gallery ]
What a fantastic early Rolling Stones Vintage Concert Poster from their Milwaukee performance in 1964. Early Rolling Stones posters from the U.S. are some of the most difficult and rare posters to obtain and this one is a gem with its bright colors, picture of the Band and bold Venue at Milwaukee Auditorium on November 11, 1964.

Unlike their 1st Tour of America, which in the words of most all of the Rolling Stones and their manager was a disaster, their second tour of he U.S. in late 1964 was quite different as they had finally released a record that was hitting the airwaves with much attention and impact. This record was actually developed during their 1st tour when they visited Chess Records for two days in Chicago and met some of the old blues great recording artists including Muddy Waters. One of the Chess artists they convinced to allow them to record his song "It's All Over Now" was Bobby Womack. Bobby was NOT too excited to give The Rolling Stones permission to record his song, saying "Why don't they write and record their own music, not mine"? Well, Bobby changed his mind shortly thereafter once the record hit the airwaves and royalties started flowing into him. He was later quoted as saying, "They can record any of my music anytime they want"!

Well the rest is history as the Rolling Stones releasted hit record after hit record, all with that sound of garage band, blues and rock n roll mixed into catchy guitar riffs and great beats. Many will say the Rolling Stones are the Greatest Rock n Roll band ever to exist and now with them celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2012 it is hard to dispute them being if not the best, certainly one of the best bands ever.

A more than exciting way to start the New Year with a truly classic and magnificent Early Vintage Rolling Stones Concert Poster from 1964!
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