March - Bob Dylan 1965 Berkley Theater [ Back to Gallery ]
One of my favorite Bob Dylan concert poster of the sixties, "Smoking Bob" as I would call it, for his concert at Berkley Community Theater in 1965. Most all Bob Dylan sixties concert posters are very simple designs, as a pic and his name was all that was needed to attract a more than a growing and dedicated fan base to his concerts.

While nowhere near the popularity as the British acts in 1964 or early 1965 such as the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, or even the American surf bands like the Beach Boys, the times were a changing as Bob Dylan would emerge as the voice of a generation, bringing thoughtful lyrics to music that personally spoke to one's heart, soul and mind about love, pain, loneliness, injustice, war and a host of other important topics of the day.

This poster is perhaps the best of the vintage Bob Dylan concert posters that portrays Bob contemplating those issues he was to become famous for. And how about those prices? Only $2.50 to see perhaps the greatest song writer and top musician of the sixtes!

What is also great about this poster is it is as perfect as the day it was printed. Originally owned by the producer of the show, it was saved and kept in perfect condition for almost 50 years. While I do not shy away from condition as a factor of collecting vintage Bob Dylan concert posters, I must say finding one in mint condition is a rather satisfying experience. A magnificent addition to the Vintage Concert Posters Bob Dylan Collection.
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