April- Jimi Hendrix Maple Leaf Gardens 1969 [ Back to Gallery ]
While collectors will always have their personal favorites, as a collectable field matures there always emerges the top or most highly sought after items within that area. In the case of vintage concert posters and music memorabilia the top is often determined by the best musicians of that period and for the Sixties the top four are: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. Combine one of these names with great artwork, rarity and a special venue and you will always have a winning poster.

Such is the case with this beautiful Jimi Hendrix, Maple Leaf Gardens Vintage Concert Poster from May 3, 1969 in Toronto, Canada which I consider one of the best 5 Jimi Hendrix posters of all time. The artwork is striking and highlights Jimi in the best sense of the confidence/magnificence he played his guitar which has given him the unquestionable distinction of the best rock and roll guitarist of all time. By this stage in his career Jimi had abandoned The Experience and was now positioning himself as a solo artist. While I will be the first to voice my displeasure with such a move, this poster makes that transition happen with elegance and style. Just looking at it makes you feel this is the Jimi you always want to remember and hear.

What is also unique about this poster is on this date when entering Canada Jimi was arrested when small amounts of heroin and hashish was found in his luggage. Hendrix denied it was his and claimed it had been planted in his luggage. Despite the arrest Hendrix played in top form that evening and was acquitted of all charges about six months later. All-in-all a magnificent Jimi Hendrix Vintage Concert Poster from that very magical time of the Sixties.
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