May - Jimi Hendrix Atlanta Municipal Auditorium 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
Well lighting can strike twice! In this case for Jimi Hendrix with what I consider the best Jimi Hendrix concert poster of the entire sixties.- Jimi Hendrix at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium, August 1968. This poster, designed by Dail Beeghly, has everything going for it, terrific psychedelic design featuring the whole group, amazing day-glow psychedelic colors, large 22 x 28' format and on sturdy cardboard. I also very much like that the other tour groups are given good exposure as part of the event.

Now some will say how about Rick Griffin's BG105 or maybe Gunther Keiser's German Hendrix concert posters? Well both are terrific posters and Rick may very well have the best artistic psychedelic poster of the sixties. The only argument I would give is Rick was going to draw that flying eyeball anyway and it was fortunate it occurred on Jimi's play date at the Fillmore which just made the poster even that much better. In the case of Keiser's poster it also one of the best posters, but has that characteristic of professional commercial graphic art rather than the hippie psychedelic street art of the time.

This poster has a terrific provenance obtained from an art student that attended the concert and also kept his ticket as a companion piece to the concert poster. Being an Art Major, the person kept the poster preserved in perfect condition the entire time he owned it and you can be assured it will continue to be kept that way to be shared in art exhibits and museum shows profiling the best of art from the Sixties. A true jewel of a sixties Jimi Hendrix Experience Vintage Concert Poster.
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