June - The Doors Phoenix Memorial Coliseum 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
The Doors have always been one of my favorite groups of all time. Something about their music is timeless, not to mention mysterious. I probably listen more to the Doors today than any other rock group of the sixties. Not that they were necessarily the best group of the sixties, but they were a group with unquestionable uniqueness. What made them so special? Some would say it was Jim Morrisons voice and poetry, others would say Robby Kriegers bottleneck slide work on the guitar or Ray Manzareks organ or even John Densmores drumming, but the truth of the matter it was all of them. Some things just come together to make something very special and every time I see a Doors Vintage Concert Poster it brings back memories of the first time I listened to their album and felt swept away in their music.

This early 1968 concert poster from the Phoenix Memorial Coliseum is from a time period when the Doors were exploding onto both the national and international scene; no longer just a L.A. Band, the Doors were now moving from small club dates to packed audiences in stadiums and coliseums. Unfortunately such large venues gave the expectations of seeing a great show and The Doors were totally unpredictable with Jim Morrison often showing up drunk, drugged or simply in a bizarre mood. But one thing for sure, either way, you were never going to forget a Doors Concert.

From a collectors standpoint, early Doors posters, other than the San Francisco scene of the Fillmore and Avalon, are extremely difficult to find. I have never been a condition freak on such rare posters as only a few survived and with the Doors, given many of their concerts filled with a riot type atmosphere, one might just expect a few flaws in a poster advertising their event. Such is the case with this one, but still in my opinion a really great early Doors Vintage Concert poster filled with memories of a band that for just a short period produced some of the best music of the entire sixties..
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