July - Bob Dylan 1964 Philharmonic Hall Vintage Concert Poster [ Back to Gallery ]
I'm always more than excited when I acquire an original 60's Bob Dylan Concert Poster! All are very special, but this one even more so, as this concert is regarded as perhaps one of the best historical concerts Bob Dylan performed in career. What made the concert so special? Well Bob had come a long ways from when he first arrived in New York City to make his name, with little song writing credits to his name, a bit insecure and obviously an unknown at the time. But things changed quickly as Bob started to capture the attention of the folk music crowd and likewise critics while making friends with some of the biggest names in music.

Toward the end of 1964, Bob was performing to sold out crowds and anyone attending this concert got a glimpse of things to come as Bob would turn the folk scene world upside down at his upcoming performance at the Newport Folk Festival in July of 1965 by going electric and doing it by singing what most people consider the best rock and roll song ever written, "Like a Rolling Stone"! Check out the vintage concert poster from the 1965 Newport Folk Festival under the Bob Dylan Vintage Concert Poster Gallery. This concert was recorded and Columbia put out a live CD on the performance and if you listen to it you will see Bob Dylan at his finest. Included in the CD is a copy of the handbill done in green and black.

Only a few of these posters survived, most likely less than 3 or 4, and while some psychedelic collectors may not see the beauty in a boxing style poster, all I can say is 'sometimes less is more'in the world of art and this poster is a great example. The poster was designed and printed by Murray Posters of NYC, perhaps the best designer and manufacturers of posters for the 50's and 60's. The paper a vintage shopping bag color tan and with the only two colors printed on it, Red and Black, it captures your attention immediately and leads you down to wanting to get your tickets for the only New York performance! And how about that date? Halloween 1964! Certainly one of the best Bob Dylan Concert Posters of the sixties!
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