August - Janis Joplin & Big Brother Alexendria VA 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
Wow, what a really gorgeous Big Brother and The Holding Company poster featuring Janis Joplin! This is certainly one of the best posters, if not the best, of this group during their heyday as one of the top Bay Area Bands of the Haight Ashbury. The poster was designed by Dail Beeghly, who produced some of the most unique and best posters of the sixties for such groups as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors, Spirt and Big Brother. Most all of his posters were small production runs, many done on cardboard and usually large format sizes of 22 x 28 inches.

The day-glow colors are dramatic and the composition of the poster says "take me home and hang me on the wall"! Everything about this poster I truly love and I consider it one of my top ten favorite boxing style posters of all time. Now finding one is very rare, as previously mention production runs were small and virtually all were used for hanging on telephone poles so they just didn't survive the elements. This particular vintage concert poster is made of cardboard and is in the 22 x 28 inch format which makes it impressive for display.

Unfortunately Janis was soon to depart Big Brother and The Holding Company for a solo career, motivated by the greedy record company executives telling her she was the star and didn't need the band, combined with the elite star status given to her by fans which almost always has negative implications. More than one artist has fallen victim to this syndrome and left their roots, some being more successful than others. For me however, the best days of Janis Joplin was when she was singing with Big Brother & The Holding Company and still a San Francisco Hippie making a life and living in the Haight!

Finally for those posters collectors out there who remember Hank Thompson, one of the pioneers in boxing style poster collecting, from what I have been told, this was also one of his favorite posters and Hank had more than a few posters to choose his favorites from!
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