Sept - Miami Pop Festival Jimi Hendrix 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
This is more than a terrific rare vintage concert poster, it's a real traffic stopper for anyone in the day who would have seen it hanging in a window, on a billboard or telephone pole. One of the things that makes psychedelic posters so appealing is their vibrant colors and this one with its simple day-glow orange/red, white background and a touch of black is really the perfect combination to set this poster off for eye appeal. In addition, the design, mild psychedelic writing and layout are perfect and the final added touch with the little gentleman sitting on the barrel immediately makes you think he is taking in the music playing from the acts listed. In this case the main headliner being none other than the Jimi Hendrix Experience!

The Miami Pop Festival was a harbinger of things to come as it was the first rock festival that Michael Lang organized and produced. Only one year and a few months later Michael would put on the biggest rock festival of the decade which is still remembered and celebrated today, Woodstock! From all accounts the Miami Pop Festival was a big success and obviously paved the way for future musical festivals peaking in 1969 with Woodstock.

There were 3 posters produced for the Miami Pop Festival, all very rare, but this poster and a similar yellow version are almost non-existent. On the yellow version, the well groomed gentleman is replaced with a small Budda with outstreached arms, most likely meant to be wecoming everyone to the Festival. Both this poster and the yellow version are large format posters measuring 22 x 28 inches and printed on thin paper. The third Miami Pop Festival poster is a much smaller version of a poster, approximately 14 x 16 inches with a hand drawn and colored picture of Jimi Hendrix.

For me the best thing about this poster is, it's the perfect companion piece to the Jimi Hendrix Atlanta Municipal Auditorium poster as pictured right above this poster in the 2012 gallery. A really great addition to the vintage concert poster collection.

And finally, if any of you have or run into the yellow version of this poster, please contact me as I would be an immediate buyer of that poster.
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