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A really beautiful poster for those who love the early days of the Motown sound; no doubt who is the star is in this line-up - Mary Wells! Mary was one of the first superstars that defined the Motown sound with a string of hits mainly written by Smokey Robinson including my two favorites - "You Beat Me to the Punch"and "Two Lovers" and then followed by a song that would define Motown -"My Girl". Not only was Mary a terrific singer, but she was also more than pretty! Who would't fall for her?

Now a lot of perfectionist might turn away from a poster like this due to the obvious flaws in condition; however what most do not understand is there are probably only 2 of these posters known to exist. One was in the late Hank Thomson's poster collection which was probably the best boxing style poster collection to ever exist and the other one is the one you're looking at! So if you want a Motown poster, which by the way are in my opinion some of the rarest of concert posters to exist, and if you are smart you take what you can get. Keep in mind, these artifacts were never meant to survive until posters became vogue to hang up on your wall in the later 60's, so finding such a great poster with an a great Motown line-up is more than special.

A great addition to the vintage concert poster collection.
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