January - Rolling Stones 1964 Carnegie Hall Concert Poster [ Back to Gallery ]
We start off the year with an extremely rare poster; The Rolling Stones appearance at Carnegie Hall on their first visit to the Americas.

What is interesting about this poster is, unlike the Beatles arrival to America in February 1964 where they were greeted by thousands of screaming fans, the Rolling Stones had really never been heard of, as they had still not released a record. On their first visit they were booked at small venues, including appearances at state fairs which drew small attendance. Midway through the tour, the band members were ready to leave the US and head back to England to resume their careers there, but Andrew Oldham, the Rolling Stone's manager, had other ideas and for their last tour stop scheduled for Carnegie Hall in NYC he did some quick thinking and decided to hire a bunch of teenage girls and guys to attend the concert and scream their heads off.

Now only two days before this concert, Promoters had cancelled a Rolling Stones appearance in New Haven, Connecticut due to little interest and poor ticket sales (see this poster in the Beatles, Rolling Stones, British Invasion Gallery). Well the teenage girls and guys did more than scream their heads off; they jumped on the seats, broke several of them, ran around and caused total chaos in the prestigious old Hall and that was enough for the Stones to get headlines in the next day's NY Times and for Carnegie Hall to announce a ban on all future Rock and Roll concerts at their facility.

Remember, only 4 months prior to this Rolling Stones concert, the Beatles had thrilled New York City with both their performance on the Ed Sullivan Show and a concert at Carnegie Hall where they received rave reviews from everyone, including the mayor, dignitaries and celebrities.

Thus the Rolling Stone's began their reputation of the Bad Boys of Rock and Roll which has stayed with them every since. Now that's some great Rock n Roll history to go along with an amazing vintage Rolling Stones concert poster to start 2011!
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