June - Cream and The Grateful Dead Sacramento Poster 1967 [ Back to Gallery ]
This is one of the nicest posters ever produced in the 60's featuring Cream and The Grateful Dead. The colors are magnificent and artwork superb and when seen in person is a real treat!

Rarely do you find such a rare poster in mint condition, but this poster came from every collector's dream of finding a rare small stash of untouched posters that had been sitting of a shelf for almost 50 years. The posters were discovered by a long time and astute collector of psychedelic posters, Kris Mikkelson, who resides in the best geographic area for posters from the 60's - Northern California.

Often when stashes of such posters are found, there is fear by collectors of many appearing on the market and bringing prices significantly down. My experience has been when presented with such rare and beautiful posters, a collector should get one for his collection as soon as possible; they tend to rapidly go into collections and stay and those who wait are left out in the cold. Great art and rarity will stand the test of time and only get better and better and this poster is one of the best of the entire 60's. A truly great Vintage Concert Poster!
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