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This is a really great early Doors, Jefferson Airplane and Peanut Butter Conspiracy cardboard poster from Southern California. Cardboard psychedelic posters are extremely rare, as the vast majority of psychedelic posters were printed on thin paper for not only economic reasons, but also for the ease of passing out large quantities of posters as "free-be's" to concert goers and fans to hang on their walls and show their friends.

Also early Doors posters from Southern California are extremely rare, so finding one with excellent colors, in excellent condition and on rare cardboard with a great psychedelic design is more than special. Prior to obtaining this poster, I had only seen one other of these posters which was in rather rough shape and owned by a band member. My guess is only a few of these posters have survived from such a great time of the Doors early career.

The concert/dance was held at Birmingham Stadium, which was a high school and the groups played on the football field - now that had to be a concert that more than one or two parents went away scratching their heads after seeing and hearing the Doors play. The following is a brief description from a student who attended the concert found on the web:

"For a $3 ticket (which I still have) there was a concert featuring Jefferson Airplane, the Doors, Merry-Go-Round, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Sunshine Co, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. My understanding at the time was that a student's father was a promoter and the concert was to raise funds for the bleachers. It was a great concert with the groups all singing their current hits".

According to Doors history, 10,000 people attended the concert and it was their first major outdoor concert. After the Doors set about a third of the audience left the Stadum showing the local popularity of the Doors.

I can attest to this popularity as I spend the summer of 1967 in Los Angeles and San Francisco and one of the things I most vividly remember was in L.A it seemed like every other song that came on the radio was the Door's "Light My Fire", along with talk of the Doors. Ironically when I traveled up the Coast to San Francisco, Jefferson Airplane was being talked about like the Doors in L.A. and "White Rabbit" dominated the airwaves, so the two cities definitely had their favorite bands and fanbase that summer.

Truly one of the best vintage concert posters for both The Doors and Jefferson Airplane from 1967!
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