September - Grateful Dead Miami Poster 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
By 1968, the Grateful Dead, along with other SF psychedelic bands such as County Joe and the Fish had become nationally recognized with exposure from the many music festivals that were popping up throughout the county. First from the California scene such as Monterey Pop, the Human Be-In's and Love-In's , but then from major festivals throughout the country such as Washington, Texas, Georgia, Florida and the like.

However, the best place to see the performers were still in the small clubs that retained their sense of local community and garage band roots. One such club was "Thee Image" located along the famous Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. They produced some beautiful posters, all of which today are extremely rare and this is one of their best featuring the future line-ups of County Joe and the Fish, The Yardbirds and The Grateful Dead. I love the artwork, both a bit renaissance and psychedelic mix with an appealing and unique color combination.

A really great and rare Grateful Dead vintage concert posters from that magical time of the sixties!
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