October - The Mothers of Invention 1967 [ Back to Gallery ]
Well, here's one you won't run into everyday! In fact until I received the poster, I had never seen it before. The more surprising element of this poster however is the band that opened for The Mothers and The Youngbloods, was the band I played in during the sixties - The War of Armagedon! Now it just doesn't get much better than that - finding an unkown vintage concert poster with your own band playing on the venue!

The poster is a large format 22x28 and is on very thin paper, the design and colors are excellent, a mixture of modern art of the time and conveyance of the sixties culture. As I have researched, only maybe two other posters survived and are in the hands of Utah collectors.

The venue of Lagoon was an amusement park located about 20 miles north of Salt Lake City and hosted most of the major music acts of the sixties, that is until the Doors played, which promptly thereafter the owners of Lagoon announced there would be no more rock concert held at Lagoon. Now what else might one expect from a performance of the Doors, especially in the conservative Mormon culture of Utah?

The MOthers at Lagoon, a really great addition to the Vintage Concert Poster collection and one to be charished for many years to come.
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