November - Peace, Love and Guns 1971 [ Back to Gallery ]
Ok, this one gets classified under "what were they thinking?" or just plain "weird".

Peace, Love and Assult Rifles just seems to be an oxymoron to say the least. Regardless, it's a very cool poster and one I've always admired for a long time from that unique transition period where the 60's turned into the 70's.

By 1971, things had radically changed from the love generation in the Haight, Asbury where people sang songs such as the Youngblood's "C'mon people now, Smile on your brother Ev'rybody get together,Try and love one another right now" to music with a much harder edge and meaning. Social issues were popping up combined with mob & police violance protesting the Vietnam War, Political Agendas and organization such as the Black Panthers were in full force and not to forget the hard drugs now hitting the streets and with events such as The Rolling Stones Altamont concert closing the sixties, things were not looking all that pretty into the early 70's. Compare these things with the initial "Human Be-In's and Love-In's" of the love generation in the sixties and you see how fast things were really changing.

Well this poster is probably the best example of that transition period and marks it as an extremely important historical poster of that time. The design, pictures and lettering couldn't say it better - a day of solidarity, revolution and speeches highlighting black activist Bobby Seal, Chairman of the Black Panther Party, Angelia Davis, Political Prisoner, Erika Hughes & Ruchell Maee, Political Prisoners from the Black Panther Party. Also note those cool placed stars in red and one certainly can't miss the AK 47 Assult Rifes in this poster.

All this including a Post Birthday Celebration for Huey Newton, prominent Black Panther member with his title as "Minister of Defense and Supreme Commander of the Black Panther Party" and finally - let's not forget music from "The Grateful Dead!" Now who came up with that band selection and I got to wonder what kind of Birthday Presents you brought to this event?

Well, I don't think we will ever see quite a poster like this one anytime soon, so it becomes a very important part of history not to mention a most unique historical Grateful Dead vintage concert poster.
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