December - Genesis Terrace Ballroom SLC 1969 [ Back to Gallery ]
Now here is one you won't see everyday, in fact it is the only one I've ever ran into and what a gorgeous poster! The artwork is very reminiscent of Rick Griffins best work, maybe inspired by Rick's Hollywood Palladium Who poster or The Fillmore Jimi Hendrix posters; wherever the inspiration came from it is truly a beautiful 60's vintage concert poster. Genesis and Fever Tree were the Headliners for the close of the year in 1969.

The Terrace Ballroom was a beautiful venue located in downtown Salt Lake City and was built during the 30's and at the time was the largest ballroom in the United States. It was originally named the Coconut Grove, changed it name to the Rainbow Rendezvous in the 40's and then finally to the Terrace Ballroom in the 50's. In the 60's it was the perfect place for concerts and most all the great 60's bands either played there or at Lagoon. Unfortunately, the Ballroom closed sometime in 1981 and was demolished, which from a personal standpoint was very sad as it was not only a great historical landmark, but held many enduring memories of concerts and performances I either attended or played.

One of the more vivid memoires I have of the Terrace Ballroom was when I saw Big Brother and the Holding Company perform there - Janis Joplin who came on stage with a bottle of Southern Comfort in one hand and the Microphone in the other, asked the crowd if they had ever been in the Ladies Restroom? She went on to explain it was the most beautiful restroom she had ever seen in her life and encouraged everyone (including all males in the audience) to visit it before the end of the concert - I'm sure the concert promoters and owners of the establishment were none to pleased with Janis's invitation - however I was!

One of the most enjoyable things about collecting old concert posters is finding something really beautiful, unique and rare and this one certainly fills that bill - what a great way to end a terrific year in discovering and collecting old vintage concert posters!
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