May - Fly With Jefferson Airplane 1967 San Jose [ Back to Gallery ]
An extremely rare cardboard Jefferson Airplane poster and what a terrific design - perhaps my favorite of all Jefferson Airplane posters I have ran into over the many years of collecting! Everything about this poster I love; colors, design, band line-up and wording "Fly With" and "Acapulco Gold", "Rainy Daze", etc. Prior to acquisition of this poster, I had only seen the handbill for this venue which is pictured in the Art of Rock, but never the poster, which seems to be non-existent. The poster is much more colorful and brighter than the handbill. Most likely the poster was printed in very small quantities, hung on telephone poles and much like the Santa Venetia posters which remain extremely scarce were quickly damaged and discarded.

Jefferson Airplane was the first break-though Bay Area psychedelic band and remained on top for several years. I think their first/ debut album "Jefferson Airplane Takes Off" with Signe Anderson is perhaps as good as or maybe even better than their famous Surrealistic Pillow Album when Grace Slick joined the group. For those of you who have not heard the first JA album, give a listen to the first song "Blues from an Airplane"; it will defintely get you hooked. This poster reflects the early take off album theme and give notice to the Chocolate Watch Band on the line-up which were an excellent band that somehow did not get the fame they deserved.
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