July - Vulcan Gas 1967 - The Best Psychedelic Ever? [ Back to Gallery ]
The Vulcan Gas Company put out some of the best psychedelic posters of the sixties and this one may actually be the best psychedelic poster of all time - certainly should be in the top five of any ranking in my opinion - appropriately named "Psycho Bubbles". If you were a product of the sixties, this is how you saw the world of music when psychedelic arrived. The colors are beautiful in the split fountain printing technique, but what really makes this poster is the design - Wow, this is how music flowed out of the instruments and speakers into the crowd and floated up into space.

If you are not familiar with the Vulcan Gas Company, rent or buy the movie "Dirt Road to Psychedelia" it is a great documentary of the sixties of Austin, Texas, a hotbed of music where many of the famous grass roots icons of the sixties originated, i.e. Chet Helm, Janis Joplin, Roky Erickson, etc.

Unfortunately the Vulcan Gas series was somewhat short lived before running out of cash and being constantly harassed by the local law enforcement, but for that short lived period some of the posters that were made to promote these events were amazing examples of psychedelic art. Most are oversized (hey this was Texas) being 22x28 inches. The only thing that could have made this poster any better would have been the inclusion of The 13th Floor Elevators or Janis Joplin on the playbill.
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