August - Trips Festival Seattle 1967 [ Back to Gallery ]
By 1967 Trips Festivals, Love-Ins and Be-Ins were being held throughout the country. The famous SF Trips Festival and Human Be-In that were held in January 1966 and 1967 had set the stage for mass counter culture gatherings throughout the county - there was just no stopping it; and 1967 later became remembered as "The Summer of Love" with much of that "Love" having to do with these gatherings.

Psychedelic posters were also the rage and great art was being created every day to hang in windows and telephone poles advertising the events. This one, by Bob Massie was one of his best and rather than images or drawings to attract attention, it was about the lettering and colors. Brilliant Blue, Pink and Whites all come together to make a terrific poster advertising The Trips Festival for Seattle.
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