November - Earliest Known Hank Williams 1939 [ Back to Gallery ]
While I know there will be a lot of Rock n' Rollers scratching their heads why this for Poster of the Month? The fact that this is the earliest known Hank Williams poster/handbill makes it one of the most significant pieces of County, Hillbilly Blues and Rock n Roll music History.

Hank influenced a lot of famous musicians and song writers with his Hillbilly Shakespeare song writing and catchy tunes including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen just to name a few. Hank was inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 as one of the forefathers of Rock n' Roll.

Hank had just turned 16 when this poster/handbill was made to advertize his appearance at the local High School with his singing partners: Hezzy, the recent addition of Sue Taylor (little Texas Sue) and their newly formed group - The Drifting Cowboys. In a few short months their group would become Hank Williams and the Drifting Cowboys and the rest was music history, albeit a turbulent one with ups and downs of personal problems of Hank, which included drinking, drugs and women (sounds like a rock n' roller to me). Despite all the problems, Hank continued to write some of the best music ever produced and it you are not familiar with Hank's music and song writing, treat yourself and give Hank a good listen; you will not be disappointed.

This piece of music history was saved by his mother in 1939 and passed down through the Williams Family until finding its way into Vintage Concert Poster's permanent collection. And how about those prices? 15 and 25 cents to see one of the best musicians ever, along with a night of good clean fun!
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