December - HAIR - 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
We finish off 2010 with a story about this month's poster. HAIR premiered in 1968 at the Aquarius Theater in Los Angeles. At at the time I was attending college in Northern Utah and heard about the play, where all the actors and actresses appeared NUDE on stage! Well that was enough of a plot to get me planning a trip to see it for myself, given I was certain that such a play would never reach Utah's boarders.

A friend of mine had some relatives in LA we could stay at, so the trip was scheduled for Christmas break with plans to go to the Whiskey A-Go Go, Mexico, the Beach and who knows what else. The morning we took off for Southern California, it had snowed over 2 feet and was still snowing. About 140 miles from our start as we were coming down a canyon outside of Fillmore Utah the car started sliding, spun around and ended up in a snow bank. About 15 minutes later a snow plow came along and pulled us out with the car facing uphill; just about the time we were ready to jump back into the car, another car came sliding down the road and crashed right into the front grill of our car. The car was a mess with the radiator and headlights now gone, along with our trip to LA. That night after being towed back to Fillmore we stayed in a cheap hotel, shoot pool and drank beer at a local bar and fell asleep with dreams of what a great trip it would have been.

I always wanted to see that play and get a poster from the original event and here it is - the original 1968 cardboard poster from the Aquarius Theater on Sunset and Vine in Los Angeles. Almost as much fun as the poster however, is in 2010 HAIR came roaring back into Theaters districts aound the world. I caught the play in London this year and later in Park City, Utah - both were excellent with Park City actually edging out the fancier award winning production in London, in my opinion.

For those that have not seen the play, try to catch it before it disappears for another 40+ years. A good story, excellent music and above all - yes, those Nude actresses live on stage- even in Utah!
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