June - Earliest Tina Turner concert poster - 1960 [ Back to Gallery ]
A really beautiful Ike and Tina Turner concert poster from the Fillmore Auditorium - just shortly after the release of her very first hit single "Fool in Love", which reached #2 on the pop charts and way before Bill Graham had ever heard of the Fillmore; Charles Sullivan was the operator and promoter at the Fillmore and the one responsible for allowing Bill Graham to take it over.

There is an interesting story about Tina's first record - she was actually not the one scheduled to record the song, rather the person who was to record it did not show up at the studio and Tina, who was working as a back-up singer at the time, stepped in and sang the song.

Ike was so impressed with the recording, he convinced her to join his band and had her change her name from Anna Mae Bullock to Tina Turner and Ike renamed his group, "The Ike and Tina Revue" and the rest is history!

What a beautiful picture of the young Tina - just out of her teenage years and on the way to world stardom.
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