July - Big Brother & the Holding Company Concert Poster - 1968 [ Back to Gallery ]
The first time I heard Big Brother and the Holding Company ("Down on Me"), they immediately became a favorite band of mine. I loved their first album cover and this poster reminds me of that cover and the best days of Big Brother - happy, bluesy, hippish garage band demeanor and just plain cool.

It was obvious Janis Joplin was going to become the star of this Band and with her performance at Monterey Pop in 67' and the subsequent release of "Cheap Thrills", the future was written that she was destined to become the greatest white blues singer of all time.

What makes this poster very special in my opinion is the great color combination, terrific low-key but effective psychedelic art and above all that terrific picture of the band - burnt in my mind from day one. It is too bad Janis decided to leave and go on her own; while she attainted great success as a solo artist, her best music was with the band in my opinion. Big Brother should have become much like the Doors, staying true to their roots, despite having a solo standout artist.

This poster is quite rare, in fact I have only seen a couple surface in the last ten years, so they are either buried in collections or very few survived. Baba Love did some great psychedelic posters including a subsequent Big Brother concert poster portraying Janis Joplin as a song bird by using the same picture used in this poster. A colorful, happy and terrific Vintage Concert Poster in my opinion.
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