September The Conqueroo - 13th Floor Elevators Poster1967 [ Back to Gallery ]
An extremely rare 13th Floor Elevators which is also considered part of the Vulcan Gas Company Poster Series. This is appropriately named "The Hand" and is #2 in the Set. This poster has been one of my favorite posters for quite sometime - actually since the first time I saw it, but finding one is next to impossible since only a few of these posters still exist. This poster was retrieved from an Austin, Texas cafe where it hung for over 30 years.

The 13th Floor Elevators were quite a fantastic sixties group that influenced the development of many of the San Francisco bands such as Big Brother and the Holding Company, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver and many others. They were the first ones to coin their music "psychedelic rock" which became the standard for changing from that early folk rock being played in the Bay Area to the real psychedelic rock which was produced in late 1966 and into 1967 and beyond.

This poster has all the great attributes in making it a great poster - some mystery, terrific color combination, fantastic psychedelic lettering ,composition - all of which makes you not want to take your eyes off it. And, oh yea - let's not forget a truly amazing psychedelic band - perhaps the ultimate psychedelic band of the sixties!
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