October - Only known "Rat Pack" concert poster 1963 [ Back to Gallery ]
A very unique and special cardboard concert poster which happens to be the only known "Rat Pack" concert poster to have ever surfaced. This benefit was directed by Nelson Riddle and was for the benefit of helping racial equality - what a great cause for 1963 as this was at the heart of our nation's civil rights movement.

Now at this time when I was growing up, I was listening to the Beach Boys, the Four Seasons and a host of new British wave groups that were starting to pop-up all over, including one named "The Beatles". Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis were - well , they very cool in that movie "Oceans Eleven", but as far as their music and talent went, it was kind of dull and geared toward the older crowd. For me, I wanted to hear Rock n' Roll!

Now, ,many years later with none of the Rat Pack still living, I realize how amazing their talents really were - listening to them today is a real treat and I suspect we will never have such a combination of the Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., which were tp be the original Vegas Crooners. And how about Count Basie as an added plus? One of the greatest of all-time big Band Leaders! Brian Setzer certainly understands!

One last note, the original Rat Pack also included Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop to round out their famous little gang of thieves in "Ocean's Eleven".
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