December - Earliest Sinatra concert poster - 1943 [ Back to Gallery ]
Now here is a first for me; a 1940's poster. Young Frank Sinatra was just on his way to fame and fortune as America's new singing sensation. Frank had been the lead singer for the Tommy Dorsey Band and finally just three months prior to this performance, he was officially released from his contract. There are some interesting stories as to how he got out of that contract since it has been said Frank was connected to some very influential Italians - remember Johnny Fontaine in the God Father and how he got that movie contract?

I believe this is the earliest Frank Sinatra poster as a standalone artist and it could not be a better venue - the Hollywood Bowl where he performed in a white dinner jacket and black bow tie to a packed crowd. Next time you are in a bookstore, pick up Nancy Sinatra's book on her father - Frank is pictured on the front as he performed at the Hollywood Bowl that evening and it coud not be a more impressive picture.

Now his Hollywood Bowl appearance is also an interesting story, as the Hollywood Bowl was an established classical venue and those running the it didn' want some young pop singer showing up. However, since the Bowl was significantly in debt and about to go bankrupt, they agreed to let Frank sing with an orchestra in the hopes of attracting a larger crowd and bringing in some much needed cash. Well not only did Frank pack the house, but his performance that evening could not have been better. Everyone loved him and he wiped out the total Hollywood Bowl's debt in just one evening.

This poster is an amazing piece of Music History and has been displayed in Museums and is pictured in Nancy Sinatra's book on her father. Only one word describes such a poster of one of he most admired and greatest singers of all time "priceless".
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