Dave Clark Five - 1964 [ Back to Gallery ]
Best Dave Clark Five concert poster I have ever seen and from 1964, not too long from the arrival of the Beatles in America. Great day-glow colors, boxing-style format, cardboard and the year indicated on poster, along with a terrific picture of the group. In 1964, the Dave Clark Five was the only British group challenging the Beatles for top record position on a regular basis with a great string of pop hits. The DC5 seemed to fade-out rather quickly in late 1965 and 1966 as British bands such as the Stones, Kinks, Them, Cream and others brought a much harder rock and blues sound to the US and the music quickly switched from pop to an entirely different sound. Nice to see the DC5 finely inducted into the R&R Hall - they definitely deserve their place in R&R history'; they were a great group and one of my favorites.
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