Acid Test Poster (Goldenrod color) - 1966 [ Back to Gallery ]
This was the Acid Test poster used to advertise and promote the most famous of the Acid Tests such as the The Fillmore Acid Test; venues were hand written in the lower right corner. This poster was produced in three colors of: golden, blue and white with the Golden color being the most common to have survived because of a small cache that were discovered some years ago that were never posted, but still original. The common characteristic of this poster is it was printed on extremely thin paper, almost like tissue (most likely the reason why they didn't survive) and is very sensitive to light with the Golden fading to a very light yellow, the blue turning to olive green and the white to buff. Careful in purchasing one of these posters if your looking for an original, most all of the colors have been reproduced at some time or another and it seems everyone has a story. Quality of printing, size and paper type are the important factors in determining an original from a re-print,
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