Fillmore Acid Test Poster (bottom half) - 1966 [ Back to Gallery ]
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan's Acid Test poster; a very important piece of psychedelic history. This is the only Norman Hartweg poster to have survived with a full venue, date and time and in the handwriting of Ron himself! From what I have learned, this poster along with another blue Acid Test poster without the venue resided in Pigpen's room at 710 Ashbury until the Dead moved out sometime in 1967. The poster was used to advertise the Fillmoe Acid Test which turned out to be the most famous of the Acid Test events. The poster was most likely posted outside the City, perhaps in Palo Alto where I believe Ron was living at the time, thus the reason "San Francisco" was written in at the bottom of the poster. It is also interesting to note that the directions were also filled in since the Fillmore Auditorium was not really known to the general public at this time. After Ron's early death in 1973, this poster, along with the other blue Acid Test poster passed down to his younger brother Kevin who obviously kept it as a reminder of his admired older brother. The Fillmore Acid Test poster was then given to Kevin's childhood friend, Jim Sullivan, after Kevin passed away in the 90's, while the second Blue Acid Test poster was given to another childhood friend, John-Paul. Jim wanted to see the Fillmore Acid Test poster shared with the public as both an important part of San Francisco history and as a tribute to Ron and his younger brother Kevin. The poster will will be going on display in either the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame or the Smithsonian in the near future so everyone who visits can enjoy such an important piece of psychedelic history.
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