Acid Test Handbill - Wes Wilson Design - 1966 [ Back to Gallery ]
Wes Wilson designed these handbills and they were randomly distributed on windshields, shops, blown in the wind and who knows where else on the day of the events. Unfortunately not that many survived. This particular handbill, along with another, survived because one of the Pranksters used them as stationary to write a letter to their mother while they were doing the Acid Tests and living in Los Angeles. It was not until the mother passed away that the former Prankster discovered she had kept the letters all her living years. On the back is a rare glimpse into the Pranksters lifestyle, what the Acid Tests were about, upcoming shows and dates, along with the address where Ken Kesey, the Dead and Pranksters were living at in LA at the time. One of the more important pieces of Acid Test/ Prankster History to exist from that period.
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