Acid Test Graduation Poster - 1966 [ Back to Gallery ]
The end of the Acid Tests for Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. There were diplomas handed out at this by none other than Neal Cassady; perhaps next to Kesey the craziest of the Pranksters. There is some nice film footage of him on the stage in the loft where the event was held doing the honors and taped to the walls and stage are hundreds of these posters used as decoration!

A really Great looking poster in DayGlow fashion and printed on extremely thin paper. The Grateful Dead while listed, actually did not play at this event. It is a bit ironic that the only Acid Tests the band did not play were the 1st and last Acid Test events. The Dead did however play that evening at the Dance of Death held at California Hall.

After the Acid Test Graduation, Kesey I believe headed off to jail and the Pranksters scattered to various locations, many of whom eventually made their homes in Oregon where Kesey also later settled. And with that, the Acid Test moved into the history books as ground zero of the psychedelic movement.
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