Earliest American Beatles Concert Poster - 1964 [ Back to Gallery ]
When the Beatles arrived in America to screaming teenage fans, they belonged to the 12 to 15 year old teenage crowd. Not too many older music buffs were taking them seriously. Upon arrival in the US they were immediately marketed to the young teenage crowd with toys, stickers, lunch boxes, bubble gum and everything else one could think of selling to young teeanagers. This poster being the earliest American Beatles Concert Poster is very much in that same manner. With the simple drawn caricature of each Beatle (same drawing as was used on the Topps Bubblegum wrappers) it represents that early stage of the Beatles where they were the dream of every teenage girl and boy. Things were about to change quickly however with the release of Rubber Soul, Revolver and Sgt Pepper's - which immediately elivated them to a different crowd and critics realizing they were some of the best song writers and musicians to arrive in a very, very long time - and the rest is history!
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