Bob Dylan - In Person Vintage Concert Poster - 1963 [ Back to Gallery ]
Probably my favorite of Bob Dylan concert posters. Similar to the famous Beatles Shea Stadium concert poster that was produced by Murrary Posters whom also produced this poster. This poster dates to 1963, three years before doing the famous Shea Beatles poster. Story with this poster from what I am told is that Bob was booked at the last minute for the event (a civil rights rally) where posters had already been posted without his name as a scheduled performer or guest - given the impact Dylan would have on the attendance of the event, this poster was quickly ran and placed next to the original event posters, thus the "In Person" on the poster. There is a photo of Dylan playing on stage at the event with this poster hanging on a fence in the background as he performed. Later however, the same image was used for a tour poster. If you happen to have the actual venue poster, please contact me - I would pay a significant amount for that poster! The poster is a cardboard, Murrary poster with dramatic coloring!
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