Rolling Stones at Altamont - 1969 [ Back to Gallery ]
What can be said, but the death of the sixties was brought to you by the Rolling Stones Free Concert at Altamont. As Jerry Garcia said, "it was like an afternoon in hell". A few of the original concert posters still exist, but none were actually posted to my knowledge; however some were sold and distributed to fans at the show, which is where this copy came from. Another copy is in Bill Wyman's personal collection where he kept detailed records and artifacts from the Stones performances. The original poster is on extremely thin paper, actually very close to newspaper; they were likely the byproduct of an extreme rush order to get something out within a few hours, since the venue changed at the last minute - so they grabbed a stock photo of the stones, added Free Concert and location and rolled them off a newspaper press. All the originals are rather crudely cut and were not made from seperate sheets of cut paper like other posters of that time - to my knowledge this is the only such poster that was ever printed like this in the sixties and done on a press where no set-up time was necessary. There is also a blue/green version of this poster for their performance at this event. This Altamont concert poster was re-produced as a card for the Rolling Stones Fan Club and was mailed to club members in the early 70s along with some other images of Rolling Stones concert posters.
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