Beatles Candlestick Park - 1966 [ Back to Gallery ]
This was the last US Concert performed by the Beatles. One of the best 60s posters produced in my opinion and one of the most attractive of all original Beatles Concert Posters. While this poster had a much larger poster run than other Beatles concert posters and several copies still exists, it remains one of the best posters in terms of artwork. If I could only have three posters of the sixties to enjoy and not go broke acquiring them, this would be one of my top picks. A terrific poster that will only get more valuable in the future. This poster is on medium cardstock and came with a high gloss varnish finish. It is tough finding one that has not been scratched, scuffed or creased, so if you find one in NM condition - buy it or better yet - contact me, not many exist in close to perfect condition! This poster has been reproduced several times, some are very good copies of the original. The first reprinted poster is distinquised by white lettering as opposed to yellow on the original and the second is an authorized numbered reprint which is larger in size and produced on a different type of paper, there also exists a close copy to the original, but has different picture quality and the litho printing credit is printed in white vs. yellow on the original.
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